What Is Rankactive Stock List & What Does The Volume Of The Stock Exchange Tell Us?

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What does Active Stock mean?


The most active stock is the one that has the highest trade volume in a specific period. Commonly, the volume of the stock exchange is considered in a single day. However, some investors require the list in a week, month, quarter, or a year.

The volume of a Stock


The volume of stock refers to the amount of a security or an asset that changes hands over a specific period. On a specific day, the volume of a stock will refer to the number of shares of the stock that exchanged hands. The one with more exchanges will be a more active stock than the one with fewer exchanges. The period chosen can be something else other than a day too. One can see the volume of a stock in a week, month, quarter, half-year, year, or even in 5 years. This data is immensely important to an investor. A stock with no exchange at all in a specific period will have zero volume.

Key Points of Active Stock


The most active stock is the one that has the highest trade volume of the shares in a given period. Some key takeaways of Active Stock are:

  • The NASDAQ and the New York Stock Exchange do compile the list of most active stocks on every trading day.
  • Maximum price movements and high volatility are commonly seen in the most active stocks that can present sudden trading opportunities.

A list of stocks arranged by their activity can be very beneficial for an investor.

Most Active Stock List


A list of stocks arranged in the order of their activity is called a rankactive list. The stock with the maximum volume is at the top and the one with minimum volume is at the bottom of the rankactive list at https://www.webull.com/quote/rankactive. It is of great use to an investor. The stocks near to the top of the list are more volatile and undergo more price variations on a specific day. This can present an opportunity for the investor to buy or sell that stock and earn. These stocks are of immense importance to them. However, the stocks on the bottom on the other hand are most likely to be stable and undergo minimum price variations, i.e. they are not volatile. Such stock is of minimum importance to an investor.


How are the Most Active stocks traded?


Traders look at the most active stock list and throughout the trading day, they notice the names of the stocks that are attracting maximum interest from other markets. Since all the investors will be concentrating on the most active stock, it will see large variations. You can know more stock information such as open a brokerage account at online sites.



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