We have been Constantly Teaching.

Whether we realize it or not, we are all teachers these days and we are, in every moment, always teaching. A Course in Miracles could have us remember our role as teachers and question “what” we are teaching by asking us to take into account which mindset are we in. You will find two mindsets: right-mindedness and wrong-mindedness. Whenever we have been in our right minds, we think with the Holy Spirit and bring wisdom, love and forgiveness. Whenever we think with our wrong minds, we think from our ego-self and bring upset, conflict and judgmental thoughts. Since we’ve no neutral thoughts, we are always projecting one thought system or the other. Fortunately, we can choose which thought system you want to teach. All that’s needed is our willingness to accomplish so.

Throughout our days, we teach in lots of ways. We teach with our appearance, how we are groomed and how we carry ourselves. We teach with our range of words and whenever we decide to withhold our words. We teach with our voice, with the quantity and pace of our speaking. We teach with our eyes and through the text we make or don’t make with others. We teach with our actions and in-actions. Since minds are connected, we teach invisibly with the thoughts we hold in mind. We constantly reveal ourselves to your self and to others. The question is, who are we revealing? Are we revealing our Real self or have we entered the afternoon on auto-pilot and are interaction on our default mode, our ego-mode?

You will find clues from what we are teaching in every encounter we have a course in miracles questions and answers. Whenever we feel great about bringing gentleness and kindness, with being truly helpful to another human being, we are surely within our right minds. We are extending what God could have us extend in the world. Whenever we feel hurried and frazzled and are abrupt with another, whenever we avoid eye contact and talk at people as opposed to to them, we’ve certainly forgotten who we truly are.

The good thing is, we are not at the mercy of our egos! We don’t need certainly to undergo our days on auto-pilot being reactive within an insane world. We could choose in any moment to be proactive, to bring peace to your minds and to extend that peace to the world. After all, isn’t that what we actually want to teach?

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