The best Horror Novels

There used to be a time when i disliked reading. I recently could not accept anything other than my the field of biology, biochemistry, physics and mathematics. I never liked reading novels. But then one day, I ran across a novel that was published by Ur. D.. Stine. Ur. D. Stine is a great writer who has written hundred of horror novels targeted for teens and adults. Most of his novels have been best sellers and he previously received several awards for his contribution as well. But then at that time, I was not aware of who Ur. D. Stine was. I had never heard about him. Somehow I had found a novel that was published by him.

Since my interest had been watching horror films, I desired to begin with the novel. I didn’t know whether I will be able to finish the novel or not or even go half way or not. Anyway, I started reading it because i knew there was some suspense in the story. The name of my first novel was “The Boyfriend”. I started reading it and then I started finding it interesting as well. In two days I had finished the whole heaven official’s blessing novel book and believe me it was a great read. I was thrilled. It was just fantastic. I couldn’t believe the creativity of the author. All along I kept wondering where he got that idea from. It was simple mind blowing. There was mystery, horror, suspense, love and everything. I recently loved the book.

Then i decided to read more of the author’s books. I got more. Believe me, the best horror novels that we read were Beach house, Call Waiting, The new Years Party, Party Summer, The Dead Lifeguard, The Boy Next door, Secret Admirer, Silent Night, The Betrayal, The Stepsister, The Burning, The first Evil and much more. The list is endless. This author has created so many interesting horror novels that are really worth reading. If you are a fan of such novels, then it is definitely worth reading some of his novels. Once you read a few you will feel like reading more and more. And then you will wait for his next novel to push out a.

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