Medical Marijuana Laws: What you should Know about 14 Legal States

Medical Pot is a suspect subject across the united states. There are federal laws about pot. The government has decided all pot illegal, and does not recognize any medical uses of computer. However, there have been many studies done on the subject, and it would appear that using pot can help people who have certain diseases in some circumstances.

Currently 14 states and the Region of Columbia allow Medical Pot. Since ownership of pot for medical purposes is still ownership of pot according to the federal laws, the states have to be careful about it. Most states that medical pot laws very strictly regulate who can and who cannot contain it and how you can get it. In all states the person needs to have a prescription form a doctor for it. They also need to have a confirmed analysis of one of the recognized ailments that happen to be helped by healing use of pot.

Once a person has a prescription for Medical Pot they can just go out and get it on the street, or in most cases grow their own. In most of the states legal issues is that the healing pot has to be gotten from a dispensary. This is like a pharmacy. The dispensary manages growing and distributing the product. Dispensaries are very strictly regulated. To run a dispensary a person will need to have a police arrest records run, and they may have no drug charges in their history. Each state has further regulations about the use of pot for medical use at work. cbd hash uk

Each patient needs to be knowledgeable about the regulations in their state. They also have to be sure they may have documentation about their use of pot for medical purposes with them at all times.

Essentially new economic growth is appearing in these states with the new regulations. Lawyers, Doctors, supply houses and education centers like dispensary are reaping benefits for and adding to a new market that was once covered up underground by legislation. Many people are still tired of the changes due to the fact that the legislation only protect them as far as state law will stand in court.

In the 14 states where Medical Pot is legal the users are still susceptible to arrest by the DEA since it is still against federal law. In those 14 states each year bills are absorbed to help expand regulate pot for medical use in order to make it illegal again. The battle to decriminalize or legalize pot rages on in the other 36 states and at the federal level.

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